2nd Edition "Little Ghosts" EP - Signed, New Cover

2nd Edition of Little Ghosts EP (Signed - New Cover by Jeff Skele).  Poppy Xander's first full band release (May 31, 2015) in its 2nd edition form.  Digipack includes CD and sticker. A must have for collectors and newbies!
  • Details

    Poppy Xander's first full band release, "Little Ghosts" is a hyper-stylized, chamber rock album sure penetrate the depths of your soul, speak to the ghosts you hide from, and help recall the wicked fun you forgot you could have.
    Six Original Tracks:
    1. "Sonny"
    2. "Keep it Together"
    3. "Little Ghosts" as heard on youtube with stop animation music video
    4. "Blackwater on the Rise" for Full Band, originally recorded on Xander's 2014 Snake in the Grass, but now full of New Orleans Style
    5. "Don't Keep Calm" for Full Band, originally recorded on Xander's 2014 "Snake in the Grass" as Keep Calm and Carry On... but we sped it up and made it into an Indie Rock Anthem.
    6. "Paisley" with extended, super dramatic, heart wrenching, introduction, originally recorded for solo piano and voice on Xander's album "Snake in the Grass," but like we said, it's been EXTENDED!

    All Original music, composed by Poppy Xander
    Piano, Keyboard and Vocals by Poppy Xander
    Percussion by Craig Sheffield
    Violin by Sharla Franklin
    Flute by Betty Lee
    Tuba and Bass by Jeff Murder
    Engineered by Carlos Savetman at Sound-o-matic Studio
    Cover Artwork by Jeff Skele
    Inside photo by Jason Riley Hoss
    Produced by Poppy Xander
Little Ghosts EP (2015)

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