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"Little Ghosts"

A stop motion animation music video made by PX and Jeff Skele.  The video used over 2000 pictures and 160 moveable parts all drawn on paper.  


Our official "Sonny" music video made specially for our NPR Tiny Desk Submission 2016. Sonny discovers a desk, but when he opens it to reveal a keyboard, he conjures up Poppy Xander and her band. The story of Sonny is based on a somewhat real life experience that Xander had while at Bonnaroo. Sonny really does exist, although no one knows his real name. He could only remember the name of his cat, Sonny.

Sonny from Little Ghosts EP 2015

The Ren and the Robin from Snake in the Grass 2014

Snake in the Grass from Snake in the Grass 2014

© Poppy Xander

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