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Photo Courtesy of Nick Earl

Poppy Xander is pushing gender boundaries while creating music and theater as a pianist, composer, and singer in Dallas, Texas, known for their energetic live performances, creative theater productions, and wide range of playing styles. In 2019, Xander became the keyboardist for the Polyphonic Spree and subsequently has recorded two albums with the band, Afflatus (2021) and Salvage Enterprise (2022). Xander was also the recipient of Dallas's Arts Activate Grant in order to fund a full length theatrical performance of Helium Queens: A Space Opera, a 20 person production that tells the story of the Helium Queens, a power trio from the Moon that can hop timelines and dimensions, set to premiere August 20-28, 2021. Xander has received many awards and nominations for their work including Dallas Observer's Best Tribute for Primadonna  Madonna Tribute, Best Keyboardist, and Best Live Act for Helium Queens. 

"Terrifically Unconventional." - Central Track 

Current Projects Include:

Polyphonic Spree - Keyboardist and Vocalist

Primadonna *Dallas's Best Tribute of 2018 - Synth Bass, Keys, Backing Vox

Poppy Xander and The Chamber Rock Ensemble - Band Leader, Composer, Lead Vocals, Keys

Helium Queens, A Space Opera** - Executive Producer, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Synth

Levi Cobb and The Big Smoke - Folk/Americana  Keyboardist and Backing Vocals

Panic  (Smiths and Morrissey Tribute) Keyboardist and Vocalist

Artsillery Art Cultivation-First Friday of the Month Performer and Coach

King George (George Strait Tribute) - Featured Keyboardist

Past Projects and Associations: Confetti Eddie's Magic Parlor (Pianist and Performer), Starfruit,

Charley Crockett, Leah Lane (Rose Garden Funeral Party) and Dezi 5 

Appears on

 Polyphonic Spree: Afflatus (2021)

Helium Queens: Helium Queens (2020)

Helium Queens: Transcendental Visions (2020)

Starfruit: Wild West Combat (2019)

Poppy Xander and The Chamber Rock Ensemble: Little Ghosts (2015)

Levi Cobb and The Big Smoke:When the Wind Came Down (2015)

Poppy Xander: Snake in the Grass (2014)

Xander is a graduate of the University of North Texas College of Music, and was an elementary music teacher for four years before starting a solo career that eventually lead to playing with many different groups. In 2015, Xander created  The Chamber Rock Ensemble, a theater rock band that performs Xander's songs that have influences of  Queen and David Bowie, as well as the classical giants like Beethoven, Chopin, and Debussy, music they have studied through childhood. Xander currently resides in Dallas, Texas and in 2020 became a Nord Endorsed Artist.  

For live performance booking with any of the above mentioned groups or studio recording, please contact through the website or email: 


Little Ghosts EP (2015)

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